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Behemoth 'Contra' whole beans coffee 500 g / 1 lb


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Behemoth 'Contra' roasted coffee grains 500 g / 1 lb

Ethiopia Djimmah is obtained from coffee plants, which are considered to be the source of coffee in the world. Weather conditions and good quality of cuttings make Ethiopia Djimmah one of the most characteristic Ethiopian coffees. It is characterized by an extraordinary delicacy in which spicy aromas are combined with the taste of fresh green cucumber. It is a strong coffee, perfect for drinking in the morning.

Origin: Ethiopia
Caffeine content: high
Acidity: low
Body: medium
Roast: medium
Beans: 100% Arabica

How is Behemoth coffee selected?

Our coffees are always freshly roasted in local Polish coffee plants by experienced roasters who use fresh, selected coffee beans imported from the best plantations from around the world. The Roaster presents the Band with over a dozen samples of various blends to choose from and Nergal, Inferno and Orion choose a particular coffee according to their taste - and this is how the Behemoth coffee is made. Specialty coffee with the highest taste values.

Note - this is NOT a flavoured coffee. All the notes and flavours go straigth from the coffee itself.  


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