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Behemoth 'Contra' Blown Glass Ornament

Behemoth Webstore

Normaalihinta €18,90
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If you've been looking for stylish, dark glass decorations to decorate your tree with during the winter solstice, look no further.

We present one-of-a-kind Behemoth decorations, made of blown glass and hand-painted. Handmade especially for Behemoth in a Polish manufacture that has been creating magic from glass since 1992 - Morawski Ornaments - they will look great in your home.

This one has the Behemoth Contra sigil on the one side, and the first letter from Behemoth logo on the other side. Black matte background and golden symbols, all hand painted on mouth-blown glass, which makes every piece unique. 

Diameter: 7 cm
Thickness: 2.5 cm

The chain is not included. 

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Producer Behemoth Webstore
Product code 7279289630893