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Behemoth 'Messe Noire' whole beans coffee 1000 g / 2.2 lb


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Behemoth 'Messe Noire' roasted coffee grains 1000 g / 2.2 lb

A blend of 100% Arabica coffee grains from Brazil, India and Papua New Guinea. The coffee has been roasted in a way which maximizes the sweetness and reduces the acidity. Each ingredient has been roasted separately to get what is best in each grain. Coffee for people who do not like the acidity in its taste.

Origin: Brazil, India, Papua New Guinea
Flavour and notes: chocolate, cocoa, walnut
Acidity: very low
Recommended for: espresso, milk based coffees
Brew in: automatic coffee machine, espresso machine, moka pot

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Producer Behemoth
Product code 7142338232493