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'Zos Kia Cvltvs' Behemoth all-over print T-Shirt


Normaalihinta €33,00
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €33,00
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An all-over print 'Zos Kia Cvltvs' Behemoth T-Shirt.

The print is made with a sublimation technique, is impalpable and in full range of colours. It also won't wash out. The material is of a highest quality 100% polyester fabrics , same one which is used for clothing for sports activities. It has a very nice feeling, absorbs moisture and is fully breathable.

The T-Shirt has been made in Poland especially for Behemoth and it's quality and durability is far much better than most of the other T-Shirts present on the market.

To avoid mismatch, returns and exchanges at additional cost, please open the product size chart, measure a clothing you own according to the instructions, compare the sizing with the table and then choose appropriate size.

DO NOT CHOOSE A SIZE without measuring "because you usually wear L". There are so many sizing standards that the mismatch in this case is highly probable.

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Producer Behemoth
Product code 7142342590637